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C. Gus Kandilas DOMP, MSc, CAT(C)

The Electro Acuscope is extremely versatile and has helped me with orthopedic and fascial problems as well as pain resolution and an adjunct to craniosacral therapy. In a discipline that focuses on a “hands on” and exercise approach to rehabilitation, I never hesitate to use this exceptionally amazing modality!

Owner/Operator - Burlington Centre for Osteopathy & Athletic Therapy
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Kamila Puhakka RPT.

I have owned an Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse, in my clinic, for some time and found that their healing effect was incredible for a wide range of injuries as well as anti-aging. Every Physiotherapy clinic would benefit from having one, or I should say the patients would benefit.

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George Roth DC.,ND

I incorporate both the Myopulse and Acuscope in my practice. I have found them both to be of tremendous help in clearing resistant structural issues and resolving inflammation and pain. It fits precisely with the emerging cellular and molecular basis of our work using Matrix Repatterning and related therapies. We use the Acuscope and Myopulse on 90% of our patients because it gets them functional and pain-free more rapidly. I highly recommend these safe and effective instruments, and have found BioHealth to be an excellent resource for both clinical and technical support.

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Andrew Kozlowski

Service-Service-Service! Integrity-Integrity-Integrity! Quality-Quality-Quality! That’s why over the last eight years we have purchased 2 Acuscopes, a Myopulse and 8 other related EAV devices from Biohealth. Many thanks for 20 plus years of impeccable service and always being there when we needed you!

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K A. Brantford

I am thrilled to tell you that, so far I have had great success with the Tennant Biomodulator PLUS. I have no more pain in back, neck or shoulder pain which I've had for a very long time even though I have been receiving chiropractic, massage therapy as well as physiotherapy. My lung issue seems to be clearing up significantly, as well as the cough. I would highly recommend the Biomodulator to anyone who has aches or pains or an illness as our entire body is electric, and voltage is the key to putting some “healing energy" back where it needs to be for complete healing. I would also like to thank you for your prompt responses to my questions and backup information you provided. I look forward to continued friendship and business with you in the future. Thanks again Bob for all you do. Sincerely.

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D. Fuller D Hom

I have been using the Tennant Biomodulator Plus for about 4 months and have been very pleased with the results. I was amazed with the improvements that I have seen by using a treatment technique to correct the “Bowling Ball Syndrome” recommended by Dr. Jerry Tennant, who designed the Biomodulator.

I didn’t understand the significance of this until I saw it for myself. This simple procedure (to correct the alignment of the sphenoid bone in the skull) consists of holding the Biomodulator on each side of the neck for a minute or so and then moving the head, then shoulders, then hips from side to side to help the spine to re-adjust. After doing this on myself, I noticed that I was standing differently in my shoes as my weight had shifted. I also somehow felt “looser.”

I was quite surprised when a client, whose shoulders were misaligned with one several inches above the other, exclaimed in delight as we heard a “clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk” in her spine when she moved her hips doing the exercises after using the Biomodulator. Immediately, her shoulders were level. She remarked the next day that she had slept so well and hadn’t felt so good in a long time. The Bowling Ball correction was the only thing that had been done. I have had the same results with several other clients with misaligned shoulders as well.

The Biomodulator really helped when it was applied to a painful sprained ankle which had been slow in healing. After one application, it was significantly better and the Biomodulator was not needed again. Pain was greatly lessened and healing improved after treating a severe toe injury. One client remarked how much the Biomodulator helped her pain and the healing of a gum infection when it was applied to the overlying area of her cheek.

I have found it useful to apply the Tennant Biomodulator to trigger points, especially for muscular and skeletal issues. As a homeopath, I also give homeopathic remedies to assist the body in its effort to heal. The Biomodulator and homeopathy appear to work very well together.

Thank you Dr. Tennant for such a wonderful instrument of healing! Thank you Bob, for bringing the Tennant Biomodulator into Canada!

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Richard Johnson

I highly recommend the Neuroscope to anyone who feels mentally stuck and overwhelmed. That’s how I felt before I had my first session on the Neuroscope. Making even the simplest decision was difficult. I honestly felt as if my mind was no longer working properly. Lately, I’ve had a lot of significant changes in my life that were not all bad and then all of a sudden my mind seemed to shut off and I said to myself "I cannot think another thought!

Then, a friend of mine suggested that I try her Neuroscope. After only one session life did not seem so difficult anymore. Now, I have had five sessions with my personal Neuroscope and thinking of starting a new business. Life is good again! Everyone should have one of these remarkable little devices. Thank you.

Ava Marie
Florida USA
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Mike Robinson

The Myopulse 75L is not only an exceptional instrument for anti-aging, it also clears out pain, congestion and inflammation very easily from connective tissues, IT bands, tendons etc., usually with no pain. This typically could be the most painful part of a massage treatment. The Myopulse does a much more thorough job than I could do by hand and reduces pain immediately.

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Marianna Switchuk MD.

As a medical doctor, I have incorporated the use of the Myopulse Facial into my treatments at my wellness centre. I continue to find new ailments that the Myopulse helps. Not only does it help with chronic pain caused by trauma, surgery or repetitive strain but it also excellent for anti-aging, stress, insomnia, anxiety and many skin conditions.

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Kamila Puhakka MA BSc PT CAFCI

The Acuscope and Myopulse Facial are the best “healing” modalities that I have ever used. I am now confidently able to help patients who had lost hope of ever being pain free from: post herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy,facial pain and chronic sinus pain. One patient, who had a persistent decubitus ulcer (1 ½" diameter), was told that their leg may have to be amputated. After 12 treatments, the ulcer was totally healed.

In my opinion, every physiotherapy clinic and its’ patients would benefit from having the Myopulse as part of their treatment regime

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Jessica LoRusso

I am the owner of Zealous MediSpa and we have been using the Myopulse 75L Facial several years now. It has become one of our biggest selling services. I've named it the “instant face lift”, because of what it does for our clients. They love how it feels and they love the results.

The Myopulse Facial is far more superior when compared to other microcurrent face lift machines because of the additional therapies you can provide for the client and the immediate results they experience.

The support we get from Bob is tremendous. No question is too big or small and help is always available from anywhere he travels and with a quick response time.

I'm so happy I purchased a machine for our medispa, great results, happy clients and more profits… can you ask for more?

Spa Director - Zealous MediSpa
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Barbara Brown

I have used the Acuscope 70C for 10 years and still continue to find new and exciting uses for it. This instrument is multi-functional, and assists in a wide variety of conditions that I am treating my patients for. I have confidence treating scar tissue, cranial imbalances, and sites of myofascial strain that are deep and more difficult to access with hands-on techniques. The minute electrical input from this modality is very non-invasive and works to stimulate the body's own natural healing ability. With the Electro Acuscope, I do not feel a need for any other modality in my practice as it complements the manual techniques that I use perfectly. I would recommend it to any practitioner whose goal is to balance the body.