Neuroscope 230B

Neuroscope 230B - cranial-elecrical stimulation (CES) for brain trauma! 

Personal home care device for treatment of brain trauma, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and pain control

The newest Neuroscope® 230B is an indispensable tool in today’s fast paced world to treat stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and both acute and chronic pain issues. It is an excellent personal treatment device for the person on the go or as an adjunct to Acuscope® and Myopulse® therapy where extended rehabilitation therapy requires additional treatments at home.

Neuroscope 230B This technology was originally developed for exclusive use in the area of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) for medical and physiological benefits. CES is known to be effective in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia, as a treatment for migraine headaches and during drug withdrawal or alcohol rehabilitation. Our newest model incorporates pink sound to help to achieve ultimate levels of relaxation, brain integration and stress reduction. Together with the use of the headband to treat the frontal, temporal and occipital points, these treatments encourage your brain to release serotonin naturally, which helps control and calm anxiety, tension, anger, mood swings, and the feeling that some describe as being "fight or flight". Within minutes, you will notice your anxiety disappear, a feeling of alertness, energy, ability to focus and improved memory.

Full body Joint pain" I highly recommend the Neuroscope to anyone who feels mentally stuck and overwhelmed. That’s how I felt before I had my first session on the Neuroscope. Making even the simplest decision was difficult. I honestly felt as if my mind was no longer working properly. Lately, I’ve had a lot of significant changes in my life that were not all bad and then all of a sudden my mind seemed to shut off and I said to myself "I cannot think another thought! Then, a friend of mine suggested that I try her Neuroscope. After only one session life did not seem so difficult anymore. Now, I have had five sessions with my personal Neuroscope and thinking of starting a new business. Life is good again! Everyone should have one of these remarkable little devices." Richard Johnson, Ava Marie, Florida USA

CES treatment with earclips

The Neuroscope® 230B provides a comfortable, convenient and reliable method of administering gentle microcurrent treatments with tissue balancing effects to manage both acute and chronic pain as well as restore emotional and psychological health. It has also been used successfully to help prevent venous thrombosis by improving blood circulation. If you travel a lot, especially through various time zones, the Neuroscope's pink noise feature powerfully restores the circadian and sleep cycles in insomniac patients is an excellent device to help reduce or eliminate jet lag and help improve overall energy and wellbeing. The Neuroscope® is a very useful and safe tool in today's medical practice for the treatment of a wide range of problems requiring long-term therapy. It is an effective treatment pre-surgery to help relax the patient in a natural way as well as relieve any pain, swelling and muscle trauma post-surgery, allowing the patient to recover up to 50% faster.

Brain image before and after cranial electrical stimulation (CES)

Brain image before and after cranial electrical stimulation (CES)

Patient is hooked up to a Neuro-Science Brain Imager as well as ear clips on the ear lobes connected to an Acuscope (not in photo)



Brain map of a normal, resting, awake patient before a CES electro-sleep treatment.


Brain map of same patient after 10 minutes of "electro-sleep" Patient was awake and alert and was not told what to expect or that their would even be a treatment. Patient reported being very relaxed at the end of the session. The blue color indicates theta state was achieved. This can be achieved with either the Neuroscope®, Acuscope® or Myopulse® Facial.



Cranial Electrical Stimulation with Neuroscope 230BPower on switch: Depress to turn on Power, Leave in OFF position to charge the batteries
Power ON LED indicator, light is constant when power is ON, Flashes when treatment cycle is engaged
Low battery LED indicator turns on when battery voltage drops to a preset level
Frequency: 0.5, 4.6, 8.2, 12.8 Hz.,
Timer: 5, 15 minutes and continuous
Intensity: 25, 100, 300, 400 uA.
Output: Complex Wave Form, Modulated Square Wave Envelope,
Frequency Modulated Pulse train with Alternating Current Polarity each 1.5 seconds.
Pink sound: I/F noise falls off at 3db per octave into an 8ohm headphone.
Power supply: 8.4 V NiCd. Battery

Base instrument package starting at $2,699 US, plus shipping.

Included accessories: 3 cup headband with wires (5 cup available as an option), headphones, placement cups, electrolyte solution, and charging module. Optional electrodes: 5 cup headband $60, ear clips $70 and 1”x1” placement pads with wires $89, large handbar $49, foot plate $70, mini chrome roller $120, coil wire $32 - Visit the probes and accessories page for additional electrodes and conductive gels.

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