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Andrew Kozlowski, ND., OMD., DO., H.M.D.

Service-Service-Service! Integrity-Integrity-Integrity! Quality-Quality-Quality! That’s why over the last eight years we have purchased 2 Orthogens, 3 Synchrodynes, 2 Spectrodynes, 2 Acuscopes and a Myopulse - but not the partridge in a pear tree! Many thanks for 9 years of impeccable service and always being there when we needed you!

Centre for Complementary Medicine
Gatineau, Quebec
biohealth testimonials

Dr. Barbara Brown, BA., DC.

I have used the Electro Acuscope for nine years and still continue to find new and exciting uses for it. This instrument is multi-functional, and assists in a wide variety of conditions that I am treating my patients for. I have confidence treating scar tissue, cranial imbalances, and sites of myofascial strain that are deep and more difficult to access with hands-on techniques. The minute electrical input from this modality is very non-invasive and works to stimulate the body's own natural healing ability. With the Electro Acuscope, I do not feel a need for any other modality in my practice as it complements the manual techniques that I use perfectly. I would recommend it to any practitioner whose goal is to balance the body.

Balance Health Centre
Toronto, Ontario
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Greg Kelling DC.

We have had the Acuscope 70C for 2 1/2 years and we have used it successfully on scores of different conditions and indications. My favorite treatment is and auricular acupuncture protocol for vomiting, associated with the flu virus. It clears the symptoms almost immediately. Recently I treated a patient that exhibited a significant decrease in salivation after radiation therapy. I treated him referencing two auricular therapy protocols from Terry Oleson's Auicular Therapy manual, the first for "dry mouth" and second for "hypothyroid". This therapy was followed by a CES (ear clip) treatment. One treatment improved this patient's saliva production significantly. I was truly impressed as was the patient! I use the Acuscope on a regular basis to help accelerate the healing of soft tissue and muscle injuries. Below are some comments from our Occupational Therapist.

About Health Chiropractic
Kansas City, MO
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Deborah Fellows, OTR/L,

The Electro-Acuscope is a very gentle yet effective therapeutic modality. Since we have had the Acuscope in our clinic, patients have experienced tremendous immediate benefits with decreased pain, increased range of motion and functional abilities.

I treated a patient who was experiencing difficultly sitting and standing from a chair, which meant she was unable to sit and put her socks and shoes on. After one treatment with the Electro Acuscope, this patient was able to sit and stand from a chair with virtually no pain.

We treated a client whose objective was to walk without pain and to be able to lift his leg onto a chair to tie his shoes. With Electro Acuscope treatments, this client met his goals. He was now able to walk with ease and lift his leg up to a chair to tie his shoes. Both the patient and I were truly amazed with the immediate and effective results we obtained not to mention how ecstatic he was to be pain free.

From an Occupational Therapy perspective, the Electro Acuscope has provided our patients with very impressive therapeutic and functional results. It has been and excellent addition to our clinic and our patients love it!

About Health Chiropractic
Kansas City, MO
biohealth testimonials

Dr. Diane Meunier D.C.

I’m a chiropractor in Quebec and I have been using two Acuscopes in my clinic for the past 10 years with a great deal of success. I call it my “pain killer” therapy because it is exceptional for reducing pain and inflammation and I have had remarkable changes in scar tissue. The results are almost instantaneous. The Acuscope is safe and easy to use and is an excellent complement to any manual practitioner.

Repentigny, Quebec
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C. Gus Kandilas, Osteopath, Athletic Therapist

In our clinic, which caters primarily to a sports medicine population, I have found the Electro Acuscope to be one of my primary modalities of choice for acute and chronic sports related conditions and injuries. Bob Moore and his company BioHealth have always been very informative and professional when it comes to dealing with this instrument as well as his customers.

The Electro Acuscope is extremely versatile and has helped me with orthopedic and fascial problems as well as pain resolution and an adjunct to craniosacral therapy. In a discipline that focuses on a “hands on” and exercise approach to rehabilitation, I never hesitate to use this exceptionally amazing modality!

Oakville Centre for Sports & Dance Medicine
Oakville, Ontario
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Shelley Lewis Hood DNM, DrAcu, Dip.OM

I was introduced to the Electro Acuscope 16 years ago. At first I was very skeptical about the marketing materials that explained the Acuscope’s varied applications. Quickly, I discovered the versatility of this modality and have utilized it extensively in my practice ever since. As an osteopathic therapist, this instrument has been a “second pair" of hands and has been invaluable tool in assisting my manual skills restoring normal craniosacral rhythm and myofascial balance. As an acupuncturist, the Acuscope has been an incredibly powerful modality in helping rebalance and opening up the body’s energetic systems. The Acuscope has proven itself to be consistent in its effectiveness, and versatile enough to be the only stimulation modality that I use in my alternative medicine practice.

Natural Alternatives Health Centre
Toronto, Ontario
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Robert McDonald D.O. D.Ac. D.TCM.,

We have been using the Acuscope, Myopulse Facial and Spectrodyne (computerized acupuncture system) in my clinic for over twelve years. I am still amazed at the quick results I can attain in just a few sessions. Therapies including everything from highly effective acupuncture protocols to difficult pain issues and sleep and stress disorders can be treated. No other modality can offer this versatility.

Precision Health Centre
Markham, Ontario
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Marie McDonald CDt. RN.

For the last ten years we have established a clinic specializing in natural skin care treatments and non surgical facial rejuvenation (face lift) using the Myopulse Facial instrument. With this modality, we have been able to give our clients the look and feel that they want. The non-surgical face lift results, that we have achieved, are far greater than any other non invasive systems out on the market!

Precision Health Care
Markham, Ontario
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Melanie Marden

At the MM Spa we have incorporated the Myopulse Facial into the “anti aging” facial services that we provide. The Myopulse Facial is extremely safe and easy to use. All of our clients have experienced positive initial and long lasting results including reduction of facial lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye, mouth and forehead. Treatment with the transcranial ear clips, helps our clients experience a very relaxing meditative state which is extremely effective for the resolution of sleep and stress disorders as well as improved “general wellness”. The Myopulse Facial has also proven to be effective in treating, acne, discoloration, bruises, broken capillaries, scar tissue, pain issues not to mention cellulite and stretch marks. I use the instrument on me as well as my entire family. The Myopulse Facial was a great investment as it took the MM Spa to the next level of facial rejuvenation and helped our business tremendously.

past owner MM Spa
Port Credit, Ontario
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Catherine MacLeod, B.Sc.P.T.

I have had two Acuscopes in my clinic since 1989. They are my primary modality of choice as the computerized microcurrent provides an energy that better matches the physiological requirements of distressed or altered tissue. We call our "Y" probe our "magic wand" and clients request it.

The variety of point specific probes, placement pads and specialty treatment probes allow us to access minute yet specific loci of scarred or inflamed tissue. The Acuscope allows the practitioner to treat a problem orthopaedically, holistically (on acupuncture meridians or fascia) or to normalize the cranial sacral rhythm. The energy the Acuscope provides is a very respectful way to treat injured tissue gently...it's like "whispering" to the nervous system. TENS and interferential current are more intense, uncomfortable and usually unnecessary to produce the changes therapists want.

Part A & B Manual Therapy - CAFCI Acupuncture
Kingston, Ontario
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Susie Varner

I have worked for a Podiatrist in Houston, Texas for the last 5 years. First I was a patient, after falling down the stairs and finding out 6 months later that I had metatarsal fractures in both feet. A well known Podiatrist, using the latest technology, prescribed Acuscope and Myopulse therapy for me. I was admittedly skeptical however after the fifth treatment I noticed a marked improvement and after the ninth treatment, I was totally pain free and was able to participate in my previous activities, walking and horseback riding.

I believed in the therapy so much that I sought training on these remarkable instruments and then I contracted with another podiatrist and was able to help so many people with post operative procedures, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle sprains and many more painful indications.

The benefits of having the instruments at my disposal were tremendous after my husband’s knee replacement surgery and my son’s protruded disks in his lower back. I used these modalities for pain management, wound healing, diabetic ulcers, migraine headaches and the list goes on. I even used the Acuscope on my horse for bone healing when he had bilateral rear leg fractures preventing splinting, suspension and potential euthanasia (to the amazement of my veterinarian). We now compete in trail riding and he is doing wonderful.

We found a distributor, Bob Moore and his company Biohealth on the internet and recommended him to some friends and co-workers who started their own therapy companies. I was able to take additional training from him and he has provided me with new protocols, medical updates, business ideas and technical support. I cannot praise Bob Moore and his company enough. He doesn’t make false promises to sell equipment. As a Physical Therapy Technician, I give Biohealth the Acuscope and Myopulse the highest compliment and recommendation.

Physical Medicine Technician - Podiatric Physical Medicine Specialist, Equine Therapist
Ponder, Texas

30 years experience in microcurrent therapy training pain management disciplines worldwide

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