Acuscope 85P…rugged and portable!

The Electro-Acuscope 85P - for clinical practice & equine therapy

This suitcase model fits the needs of Sport/Athletic Therapy and trainer on the go. The Acuscope 85P is the most advanced instrument in its class.

Electro Acuscope 85P

Utilizing a wide variety of probes for attended and unattended treatments, the Acuscope acts upon subcutaneous tissues and neurological issues to reduce pain and inflammation. All models of the Acuscope are effective in restoring circadian sleep cycles and treating stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Therapists and patients will experience unparalleled results in pain management, increased range of motion and accelerated healing.

Electro Acuscope 85P top view with dual channel mode 2

The EAS-85P includes two independent modes.

Mode-1 is a single output modality with two distinct functions. The display function provides complete control for each assessment. This allows operator to monitor treatment site selection and electrode contact. A gain spectrum control is provided to adjust electrode sensitivity. Tissue conductivity feedback information is displayed on a 3 1/2" LCD meter once the treatment cycle has finished.

The audio feedback signal follows the digital meter, allowing for continuous electrode monitoring, without having to refer back to the instrument.

The treatment mode has three separate controls: frequency, intensity and timer. The treatment cycle is engaged by the start button on the front panel or a remote switch on all trigger probes. The Mode-1 has a two sets of output jacks, used as one set at a time. The manual set of point specific and hand-held probes are used on the main electrode output set. The remote electrode set is used with all placement electrodes for unattended applications.

Rugged & portable Acuscope 85P

Mode-2 is a dual channel modality. Each channel is independently isolated and may be used simultaneously. The controls are independent of each other therefore any variation of intensity, frequency or time can be applied to either output. Each channel is equipped with a 3 1/2" digital LCD meter which indicates the level of current passing in between the electrodes. This mode can be used with many variations of electrode applications. For example a set of placement pads can be attached securely to the patient and plugged into one channel, while the therapist uses the second channel to provide a treatment with a manual double roller. In unattended application both outputs can be used on the same patient, or two patient treatment can be applied at the same time.

Dual calibration Acuscope for human/equine therapy"We have used this amazing technology with incredible results. With this new generation of tissue healing machines, we can truly have an athlete healed in half the time as the traditional equipment." Hank Sloan ND. American Academy of Pain Management

Attention Equine therapists-ask about our free dual calibration option for human/equine/small animal therapy! 

Standard Accessories: 2 point specific trigger probes, 2 indifferent point specific probes, 4 brass ball tips 1/4" & 1/2", Y probe with 4 ball tips, auricular probe, large double roller, 2 pair 1"x1" pads with wires, hand-held probe, coil cords, connecting cables, charging module, conductive electrolyte and manual.

ecuador 004.jpg

Optional Accessories: Transcranial ear clips, head band with wires, odonton probe, grand roller, grand ball probe, preamp box with 2 large hand/foot plates with wires and reflexology/lymph probes (see accessories).

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