Acuscope 80L with Auto Frequency Scanning

Acuscope pain therapy system for neurological indications, sleep/stress disorders

Electro Acuscope 80L

The Electro Acuscope® 80L is the latest release of the most advanced technology for chronic pain control, trauma rehabilitation and accelerated healing. It is the first instrument of its class to have auto frequency scanning and when paired with the Myopulse 75L, provides a pain management combination that has proven to reduce rehabilitation time by an average of 65% in industrial clinical trials.

Acuscope & Myopulse therapy"I have had two Acuscopes and a Myopulse in my clinic since 1989. They are my primary modality of choice as the computerized microcurrent provides an energy that better matches the physiological requirements of distressed or altered tissue. The variety of  probes, placement pads and specialty treatment electrodes allow us to access minute yet specific loci of scarred or inflamed tissue. The Acuscope allows the practitioner to treat a problem orthopedically, holistically or to normalize the cranial sacral rhythm. The energy the Acuscope provides is a very respectful way to treat injured tissue's like"whispering to the nervous system." Catherine MacLeod, BScPT Part A & B Manual Therapy CAFCI Acupuncture

Utilizing a wide variety of probes for attended and unattended treatments, the Acuscope acts upon subcutaneous tissues and neurological issues to reduce pain and inflammation. All models of the Acuscope and Myopulse are effective in restoring circadian cycles and treating stress, anxiety and sleep disorders (see below). Therapists and patients will experience unparalleled results in pain management, increased range of motion and accelerated healing.

Brain image before and after cranial electrical stimulation (CES) 

Brain scan with Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES)Patient is hooked up to a Neuro-Science Brain Imager as well as ear clips on the ear lobes connected to an Acuscope® (not in photo)

Brain map of a normal, resting, awake patient before a CES electro-sleep treatment.

Brain map of same patient after 10 minutes of electro-sleep Patient was awake and alert and was not told what to expect or that there would even be a treatment. Patient reported being very relaxed at the end of the session. The blue color indicates theta or meditative state was achieved. This can be done with the Myopulse Facial as well.

An example of accelerated healing of a diabetic ulcer.
Venus stasis ulcer, accelerated healing with Electro Acuscope

As with all of Biomedical Design Instruments' equipment, the Acuscope® is an I/O impedance controlled microcurrent device for precise treatment delivery required to control even the most difficult pain, trauma, and injury cases, including a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue problems.

Notable features departing from traditional controls are automatic frequency conditioning adjustment modes in Channel 1 and expanded current and frequency in Channel 2. This unique combination allows the practitioner to gain full treatment control from patient screening and assessment to full resolution of therapy.

Standard Accessories: Point specific trigger probe, indifferent point specific probe, 4 brass ball tips 1/4" & 3/8", 1 pair 1"x1" pads with wires, hand-held probe, coil cord, connecting cable, charging module, conductive electrolyte and manual.

Acuscoope & Myopulse probes and accessories

Optional Accessories: Y probe with 4 ball tips, transcranial ear clips, head band with wires, odonton probe, auricular probe, grand roller, double brass roller, grand ball probe, preamp box with 2 large hand/foot plates with wires and reflexology/lymph probes (not all shown see accessories).

Attention equine therapists, ask about our dual calibration option for human/equine/small animal therapy

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