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Indications for Acuscope & Myopulse therapy

" I have used the Acuscope 70C for more than 10 years and still continue to find new and exciting uses for it. This instrument is multi-functional, and assists in a wide variety of conditions that I am treating my patients for. I have confidence treating scar tissue, cranial imbalances, and sites of myofascial strain that are deep and more difficult to access with hands-on techniques. The minute electrical input from this modality is very non-invasive and works to stimulate the body's own natural healing ability. With the Electro Acuscope, I do not feel a need for any other modality in my practice as it complements the manual techniques that I use perfectly. I would recommend it to any practitioner whose goal is to balance the body". Dr. Barbara Brown BA DC

Accumulative treatments with the Acuscope & Myopulse effectively balances & resolves-

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  •  chronic injuries and myofacial restrictions
  •  acute sprains, strains, sports injuries
  •  carpal tunnel, intractable pain patterns
  •  stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, addictions
  •  arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasms
  •  neuralgias, ulcers, burns, infections
  •  TMJ, headaches and migranes, Bell's Palsy, Meige Syndrome
  •  autonomic imbalances, reflex sympthetic disorders
  •  chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia
  •  non-surgical facial rejuvenation, scar tissue, acne
  •  neuromuscular, visceral, and systemic disorders
  •  post-surgical scar tissue, neuromas, edema
  •  lymphatic drainage, circulatory disorders
  •  heel pain, shin splints
  •  delayed non-union of fractures, open wounds
  • equine/small animal therapy

HorseAttention Equine therapists-ask about our free dual calibration option for human/equine/small animal therapy!

"The Myopulse 75L is not only an exceptional instrument for anti-aging, it also clears out pain, congestion and inflammation very easily from connective tissues, IT bands, tendons etc., usually with no pain. This typically could be the most painful part of a massage treatment. The Myopulse does a much more thorough job than I could do by hand & reduces pain immediately." Mike Robinson RMT

The Acuscope® and Myopulse® are an excellent complement to many manual therapies and techniques, including: Matrix Repatterning®, ART®, osteopathy, naturopathy, cranio-sacral therapy acupuncture and esthetics. Many patients respond to the Acuscope® and Myopulse® treatments even after traditional therapies fail. Visit our testimonial page to see what therapists are saying and why they trust the Acuscope® and Myopulse® for pain management and anti-aging!

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