General FAQs

The Acuscope and Myopulse were developed over 30 years ago and were the first microcurrent devices approved by the FDA.

The current output of these modalities is determined by the tissue it is treating. In other words the instruments' microprocessors continuously monitor tissue impedance and in turn provide a gentle microcurrent that is usually not felt by the patient. This proprietary microcurrent waveform is meant to stimulate tissue repair rather than muscle contraction and therefore accelerates our body's own healing mechanisms.

The battery operated Acuscope and Myopulse are subtle balancing devices and are extremely safe and easy to use. They are one of a few modalities available that can be used on the head, neck and across the brain. Therefore they are extremely effective for whiplash, headaches and sleep disorders.

Because the gentle current output of the Acuscope and Myopulse is meant to balance the body, there are no known contraindications.

The Acuscope and Myopulse's cybernetic I/O (Input/Output) microprocessors measures resistance across traumatized tissue and continually monitors changes while treatment is in progress. The unique waveform of the output current closely matches our body's own "micro-energies". When applied to the body, the proprietary waveform of the microcurrent accelerates tissue repair by stimulating the tissue at the cellular level. When intracellular balance is established, it improves cellular metabolism, and stimulates the autonomic nervous system. This turns on our own healing mechanisms and is an optimum environment for the body to repair itself up to 50% faster!

Effective treatment results are achieved by using manual point specific probes or unattended placement pads designed with special conductive bipolar brass alloys. These probes, along with specifically formulated coupling gels, allow the therapist to palpate, massage and release all neuromuscular lesions and unblock neurological indications while the instrument continuously monitors and regulates the microcurrent output and waveform.

The currents that these instruments provide "whispers" at the tissue to help balance it. Clients feel little to no sensation during treatment. Most chronic pain sufferers experience significant reduction of pain and increased range of motion even after the first treatment. Because the microcurrent energy helps balance the body, subsequent treatments have an accumulative effect in the healing process thus reducing rehabilitation time.

The therapeutic effectiveness of the Acuscope, Myopulse and Myopulse Facial is so advanced that it will outperform all the other modalities when used with many manual therapy, osteopathic and craniosacral techniques once the primary and secondary causes of restriction are determined. Remember these modalities promote healing by balancing tissue at the cellular level thus improving intracellular metabolism and by stimulating the autonomic and immune systems.

Our body's will heal from injury once we determine the cause of the problem and release the restriction(s). Even patients who have not responded to traditional forms of electrotherapy (milli-amperage and other microcurrent) have had significant results with the Acuscope and Myopulse because of the gentle balancing effect these instruments provide. The subtle energy provided by these instruments helps to "kick start" our body's own natural healing mechanisms.

The Acuscope and Myoulse are low voltage alternating current (AC) microcurrent devices with biofeedback and waveform control capabilities. The current output and waveform are determined by the tissue it is treating in real time. With the use of bipolar brass electrode tips and conductive electrolytes the instruments can communicate with the body. The gentle current balances tissue at the cellular level, thus accelerating the healing process. These instruments "whisper" at tissue as opposed to "shouting" at it!

The Tennant Biomodulator, developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, is a direct current (DC) microcurrent device with biofeedback capabilities. It is a sophisticated voltmeter that can measure and provide voltage to our Bioterminals and acupuncture wiring system. In his book, Healing is Voltage, Handbook 3rd. Edition (Amazon), Dr. Tennant states - chronic illness occurs when the body runs out of enough voltage and raw materials to make new cells that work. He teaches us to become good electricians of our body's wiring system. This simple and easy to use device can easlily empower anyone to take control of ther pain and health.

All of the instrument we offer, including Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy decices, complement each other and essentially do the same thing...put electrons or voltage into the body to help accelerate the healing process. Be well!