The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit!

The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit!
Learn about the prevention of cancer-causing environmental, nutritional and stress-related risk factors from The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit!

These 30+ expert talks about toxic stressors, including best practices for prevention and protection, could help you stay healthy and well! 


Cancer is a topic that touches almost everyone. Join Senergy Medical Group, Dr Jerry Tennant and a group of compelling speakers for this FREE summit.There are 33 ways to learn about the prevention of cancer ­causing environmental, nutritional and stress ­related risk factors at The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit! Online and free from May 16­-23, 2016.

There are 14 million new cancer cases diagnosed globally per year, but there is good news...only 5­-10% of these cases are attributed to hereditary genetics. The other causes? Environmental toxins, poor nutrition and other stressors are incredibly toxic influences on your health!

Sign up today. As a bonus, please watch for the Senergy sponsor logo and click through for our offer tor Dr. Tennant's latest video about Healing is Voltage® - Cancer's On/Off Switches: Polarity.

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Featured Expert Cancer Prevent Speakers

Michael Murray ND
Peter Bongiomo ND
Sharon Sills ND
David Katz ND
John Dempster ND
Bruce Lipton PhD
Millie Lylte ND
and many, many more

Cancer Polarity book


To your good health!

Written by : Bob Moore

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