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Our therapists, at the West End Physiotherapy Clinic and the West End Rehabilitation Services, could not function as well without our Acuscopes. The three instruments that we have, are in constant use by 7 Physiotherapists, 2 Kinesiologists and 2 PTA’s.

Each of our therapists have found new and creative applications for the Acuscope and are continually amazed with the pain relief, scar tissue softening, and myofascial release capabilities of the Electro Acuscope technology. Since acquiring the Acuscopes we have been able to shorten the number of patient treatment visits for many of the conditions that we treat. We have reduced the usage of Ultrasound to negligible level.

Bob Moore and his company, BioHealth, have served us well for the past 17 years. His knowledge of the equipment, the emerging technologies and the electrotherapy field is second to none. Integrity, Courtesy, Prompt Service and genuine interest in our success are the hallmark of BioHealth Energy Systems Ltd.

Subhash G. Dighe BPT, MHA, MCPA, CHE,
Jayashree S. Dighe DPT, MCPA
Registered Physiotherapists, Directors,
West End Physiotherapy Clinic, West End Rehabilitation Services
Hamilton, Ontario
Posted By: Subhash G. Dighe
Hamilton, Ontario
I incorporate both the Myopulse and Acuscope in my practice. I have found them both to be of tremendous help in clearing resistant structural issues and resolving inflammation and pain. It fits precisely with the emerging cellular and molecular basis of our work using Matrix Repatterning and related therapies. We use the Acuscope on 90% of our patients because it gets them functional and pain-free more rapidly. I highly recommend these safe and effective instruments, and have found BioHealth to be an excellent resource for both clinical and technical support.

Dr. George Roth DC.,ND.
President, Matrix Repatterning Centre,
Toronto, Ontario
Posted By: Dr. George Roth
Toronto, Ontario
I am a medical doctor who has been practicing traditional medicine as a family physician for 14 years. Recently I was introduced to the Electro-Myopulse by Bob Moore. His first demonstration was on my patient who had chronic tendonitis in her elbow. After a 5 minute treatment with the Myopulse, it improved! This was the beginning of truly fascinating results that I have witnessed since my first introduction.

I now own a wellness centre and have incorporated the use of the Electro-Myopulse into my treatments. I continue to find new ailments that the Myopulse helps. Not only does it help with chronic pain caused by trauma, surgery or repetitive strain but it helps with stress, insomnia, anxiety and even skin conditions.

Most of the conditions for which I can offer the Myopulse, traditionally would have required medications. Most medications have side effects and patients are reluctant to take. It is wonderful to be able to offer my patients an effective, safe and painless alternative to prescription drugs and other more invasive and painful medical treatments.

Dr. Marianna Switchuk MD.
Monarch Wellness Centre
Hamilton, Ontario
Website under “healthcare links”
Posted By: Dr. Marianna Switchuk
Hamilton, Ontario
I am grateful to Bob Moore for introducing me to the incredible healing modality – the Electro Myopulse/Acuscope.

I have owned an Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse, in my clinic, for some time and found that their healing effect was incredible for a wide range of injuries as well as anti-aging. Every Physiotherapy clinic would benefit from having one, or I should say the patients would benefit.

While using the Acuscope on a patient, for treatment of TMJ and facial pain, the patient reported that her wrinkles around the treated areas decreased along with her pain, and her skin was noticeably softer. The patient requested if she could get her whole face treated. At this point I contacted Bob Moore, who confirmed my accidental findings that the machine can also be used for wrinkle treatment as a “Non surgical face lift”. I contacted the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario regarding “dual practice”, purchased an Electro Myopulse/Acuscope, and after training from Bob Moore, started performing face lifts as an “aesthetician”.

The Electro Myopulse/Acuscope is the best microcurrent “healing modality” I have ever used. I was able to help patients who had lost hope of ever stopping the pain of postherpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, and facial pain. One patient who had a persistent decubitus ulcer (1 ½” in diameter), was told their leg may have to be amputated. It was completely healed after 12 treatments.

While performing aesthetic facials on clients, several reported that their coincidental sinus pain disappeared after only two facials. This is an area that definitely deserves further study. I am certain that this physical modality has undiscovered effects on many other disorders as well.

Kamila Puhakka M.A., BSc. (P.T.), C.A.F.C.I.
Registered Physiotherapist/Aesthetician
Toronto, Ontario
Posted By: Kamila Puhakka
Toronto, Ontario
“Service-Service-Service! Integrity-Integrity-Integrity! Quality-Quality-Quality! That’s why over the last eight years we have purchased 2 Orthogens, 3 Synchrodynes, 2 Spectrodynes, 2 Acuscopes and a Myopulse - but not the partridge in a pear tree! Many thanks for 9 years of impeccable service and always being there when we needed you!”

Andrew Kozlowski, ND., OMD., DO., H.M.D.
Centre for Complementary Medicine
Gatineau, Quebec
Posted By: Andrew Kozlowski
Gatineau, Quebec
I have used the Electro Acuscope for nine years and still continue to find new and exciting uses for it. This instrument is multi-functional, and assists in a wide variety of conditions that I am treating my patients for. I have confidence treating scar tissue, cranial imbalances, and sites of myofascial strain that are deep and more difficult to access with hands-on techniques. The minute electrical input from this modality is very non-invasive and works to stimulate the body's own natural healing ability. With the Electro Acuscope, I do not feel a need for any other modality in my practice as it complements the manual techniques that I use perfectly. I would recommend it to any practitioner whose goal is to balance the body.

Dr. Barbara Brown, BA., DC.,
Balance Health Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Website under “healthcare links”
Posted By: Dr. Barbara Brown
Toronto, Ontario
We have had the Acuscope 70C for 2 1/2 years and we have used it successfully on scores of different conditions and indications. My favorite treatment is and auricular acupuncture protocol for vomiting, associated with the flu virus. It clears the symptoms almost immediately. Recently I treated a patient that exhibited a significant decrease in salivation after radiation therapy. I treated him referencing two auricular therapy protocols from Terry Oleson's Auicular Therapy manual, the first for "dry mouth" and second for "hypothyroid". This therapy was followed by a CES (ear clip) treatment. One treatment improved this patient's saliva production significantly. I was truly impressed as was the patient! I use the Acuscope on a regular basis to help accelerate the healing of soft tissue and muscle injuries. Below are some comments from our Occupational Therapist.

Greg Kelling DC.,
About Health Chiropractic
Kansas City, MO.
Posted By: Greg Kelling
Kansas City, MO
The Electro-Acuscope is a very gentle yet effective therapeutic modality. Since we have had the Acuscope in our clinic, patients have experienced tremendous immediate benefits with decreased pain, increased range of motion and functional abilities.

I treated a patient who was experiencing difficultly sitting and standing from a chair, which meant she was unable to sit and put her socks and shoes on. After one treatment with the Electro Acuscope, this patient was able to sit and stand from a chair with virtually no pain.

We treated a client whose objective was to walk without pain and to be able to lift his leg onto a chair to tie his shoes. With Electro Acuscope treatments, this client met his goals. He was now able to walk with ease and lift his leg up to a chair to tie his shoes. Both the patient and I were truly amazed with the immediate and effective results we obtained not to mention how ecstatic he was to be pain free.

From an Occupational Therapy perspective, the Electro Acuscope has provided our patients with very impressive therapeutic and functional results. It has been and excellent addition to our clinic and our patients love it!

Deborah Fellows, OTR/L,
About Health Chiropractic
Kansas City, MO.
Posted By: Deborah Fellows
Kansas City, MO
I’m a chiropractor in Quebec and I have been using two Acuscopes in my clinic for the past 10 years with a great deal of success. I call it my “pain killer” therapy because it is exceptional for reducing pain and inflammation and I have had remarkable changes in scar tissue. The results are almost instantaneous. The Acuscope is safe and easy to use and is an excellent complement to any manual practitioner.

Dr. Diane Meunier D.C.
Repentigny, Quebec
Posted By: Dr. Diane Meunier
Repentigny, Quebec
In our clinic, which caters primarily to a sports medicine population, I have found the Electro Acuscope to be one of my primary modalities of choice for acute and chronic sports related conditions and injuries. Bob Moore and his company BioHealth have always been very informative and professional when it comes to dealing with this instrument as well as his customers.

The Electro Acuscope is extremely versatile and has helped me with orthopedic and fascial problems as well as pain resolution and an adjunct to craniosacral therapy. In a discipline that focuses on a “hands on” and exercise approach to rehabilitation, I never hesitate to use this exceptionally amazing modality!

C. Gus Kandilas, Osteopath, Athletic Therapist
Oakville Centre for Sports & Dance Medicine
Oakville, Ontario
Posted By: C. Gus Kandilas
Oakville, Ontario

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